*Lady Jas*

Hey Guys, I"m Shannon...aka Shanz.. and I'm from California...My age shall not be disclosed..haha!  I'm a college student, who currently is taking a break, and I am actively involved in church with the youth ministry and the toddlers in Sunday school. I am a teacher to children with Autism and other neurological disorders. It is a very rewarding, and challenging job, but I love it and I have learned so much. I am a real family-oriented person and try and spend as much time possible with family when I'm not at church or working. Thank you to my family and friends who have stuck by me and supported my decisions and love and accepted me no matter what. I am a devoted friend and take my friendships very seriously and hold them dear to me.

*Lady Zeugirdor*

My name is Laura and my age is secret. I live in the Birmingham, AL area. I am a stay at home wife, no children. (Though sometimes I think my hubby is a great substitute for one) I have 2 turtles  for pets.  I'm excited to be in my first and only agency and to have been promoted to Director.  I love treasure hunting and chatting with the awesome folks I've met and look forward to meeting new folks.

*Sammy Spade*

Well, my name is Lisa and I live in Iowa. I'm married and have three kids. Sammy Spade is my 14 year old daughter's detective, but she lost interest, so I guess I have two since I can't decide witch one to get rid of. I work at the Day's Inn at the front desk. Glad to be here!


Hey all,

I'm Laura and I live in Seattle, Washington. I'm 31, a returning college student with a husband and 10 month old that I'm also responsible for. (Thankfully not financially responsible though as I don't think I would be able to have any fun time then!) I'm studying statistics...I think. I may just bag that and go for a creative writing degree although I have yet to be able to master entertaining story telling, so I hope I don't disappoint anyone if my stories are blah!

*Leola Luiza*

*Sir Gar*

Greetings, Pagodans!
Well, I'm the new guy. I don't have much to say. I like Sleuth and play when I can. I'm thankful to Lady Jas for giving me this opportunity to be here and hope I can be an asset to Blue Pagoda. I may seem inexperienced, but I 'll surprise you.

*Oscar Meyer*
*Martin Kane*
*Felix Martin*
*Harry Jones*





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