Can you guess which one is me???  :D

Hi there!! I'm just passing through, but thought I'd leave my mark here (that and I'm under orders from Milady) . *wink*

My name really is Breit, but some people also call me Molly. And yes, I really DO have a cat named Missy, and she really DOES look just like a miniature Bengal tiger, only in housecat size. ;-) I've lived all over the place, but currently live north of San Francisco, California. I've also had a variety of jobs, and am currently alternating between semi-professional author and high-school teacher.


Secret_Squirrel/Paranoid Android:

Hi Im John and I'm 37 and from Australia. I work almost all of the time, am active in the AVL and I stop in here when help is needed.I also work on the avatar photo's for sleuth members and I am a boards moderator.


Epiphany Love:

I'm Misty aka Epiphany Amore. 
I'm an aspiring adult model,disabled,I live in Florida,USA w/my bf & cat.I love to read & listen to music.I don't work so I spend alot of time online...well that's me in a nutshell :)


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